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Captain Thomas H. Hobbs SCV Camp #768 meets on the third Thursday of each month at the Alabama Veterans Museum and Archives located at 100 West Pryor Street, Athens.

Meeting time is 6:00 PM.

   2017 Meeting Schedule

15 June- Camp Elections

20 July

17 August

21 September

19 October

16 November

16 December - Annual Camp Christmas Dinner

 Important SCV Dates to Remember


Important Confederate Dates to Remember

January 8: General James Longstreet's Birthday [1821]

January 16: General Pickett's Birthday

January 19: General Robert E. Lee born [1807]; Texas Confederate Heroes' Day

January [3rd Monday]: Confederate Heroes Day

January 21: This day in 1824 General Thomas J. [Stonewall] Jackson was born in West Virginia

February 2: The Birthday of General Albert S.Johnston

February 3: The Birthday of General Joseph E. Johnston

February 8: Establishment of the Confederate States of America [1861]

February 22: President Jefferson Davis Inaugurated [1862]

March 4: Confederate Flag Day

April 12: Confederate batteries opened fire on Fort Sumter, War for Southern Independence began [1861]

April 26: Memorial Day [Ala., Fla, Ga., and Miss.]

May 10: General Thomas J. Jackson died [1863] Memorial Day [N.C.&S.C.]

May 30: Memorial Day [Va.]

June 3: Jefferson Davis born [1808] Memorial Day [Ky., La., and Tenn.]

July 22: The US House of Representatives joined the Senate in voting to restore the American citizenship of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee [1975]

July 25: The US Senate passes a resolution 30 to 5 stating that the war is being fought to maintain the Union, not to end slavery [1861]

October 12: General Robert E. Lee deceased [1870]

December 6: President Jefferson Davis deceased [1889]


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