Captain Hobbs Bio

Thomas H. Hobbs was born 19 April 1826.

He was the only son of Ira Hobbs and Rebecca Maclin.  Both the Hobbs and Maclin families were aristocratic land holders that moved from Virginia to Limestone County, Alabama in the first decades of the 19th century.

He attended LaGrange College in Alabama, Hoffman’s Law Institution in Philadelphia, and the University of Virginia.  Hobbs soon became a leading citizen of Athens, Alabama. His interests varied across agriculture, music, poetry, politics, and the development of the resources of Alabama.

In the spring of 1861 Captain Hobbs raised Company F, 9th Alabama Infantry, the first to leave Limestone County for action in Virginia.

Soon after Hobbs’ return from a recruiting trip back to Alabama, his regiment was drawn into fierce fighting for the defense of Richmond.

At Gaines’ Mill, on June 27, 1862, the 9th Alabama suffered its first heavy loss. During the battle, Thomas Hobbs was severely wounded in the leg.  He lay unattended through the night and on the 28th was taken to the Bargoman Mansion in Richmond.

His condition steadily worsened and he was moved to Lynchburg to be near his wife, Anne.  He died on July 24, 1862 and was buried in Spring Hill Cemetery overlooking the James River.

Above his grave is the inscription:  “A brave and simple man who died in a brave and simple faith.”